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08/12/2018Bro. Ben Roberts Jr. Decision Making: Putting the Decision into Action
Sunday Morning Ruth 4:1-22
Download 2018-08-12_Decision_Making_Putting_the_Decision_into_Action_01.mp3
08/12/2018Bro. Ben Roberts Jr. Practical Living: In a Fallen World
Sunday Night Ecclesiastes :1-29
2018-08-12 PM Practical Living.pptx Download 2018-08-12 PM Practical Living.pptx
Download 2018-08-12_Practical_Living_In_a_Fallen_World_01.mp3
08/05/2018Bro. Ben Roberts Jr. Decision-Making It Works When you work it
Sunday Night Ruth 3::1-18
Download 2018-08-05Decision-Making_It_Works_When_you_work_itF_01(1).mp3
08/05/2018Ben Roberts III The ability to enjjoy
Sunday Night Ecclesiastes 6:1-12
Download 2018-08-05_The_ability_to_enjjoy01.mp3
07/29/2018Bro. Ben Roberts Jr. Focusing on What Works
Sunday Night Ecclesiastes 5:1-20
Download 2018-07-29_Focusing_on_What_Works.mp3
07/29/2018Bro. Ben Roberts Jr. Decision-Making: A Road To A Better Life: Part II
Sunday Morning Ruth 2:13-22
Download 2018-07-29_Decision-Making_A_Road_To_A_Better_Life_Part_II_01.mp3

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