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Our Leadership

Currently, there are two Elders overseeing the West Eastland congregation. Under their leadership, the congregation is fed through a number of different avenues which incudes Bible Classes, Workshops, Special Ministries, and Annual Special Events which will facilitate the growth of each and every individual member.   Each elder serves in various capacities within the congregation.

Brother Victor Foreman is a Disability Hearings Officer for the State of Tennessee. He is married to Sister Georgia. They have three children: Mikia, Karl, and Victoria.  They have five grandchildren.  Brother Victor has served as an elder at West Eastland for approximately seven years and  oversees  the Senior Members Ministry, Transportation Ministry, and  Sisters Ministry. He also serves as a Bible School Teacher and Counselor to the membership. 

Brother Dewayne Scott is married to Sister Kaye.   They have three children, Brian(Tulisha), Kristen, and Jordan and three grandchildren.  He has served as an elder for five years.  Brother Dewayne also serves as the Associate Minister,  works with the Marriage Ministry, and works diligently in the Church Counseling Ministry. 



Brother Joe Shaw is married to Sister Audrey.  They have two children, Joshua and Jonae.  He has served as a deacon for over 6 years.

Brother Glen Belcher is married to Sister Gertrude.   They have three children, Fatimah,Tamethia, Anthony.  He has served as a deacon at West Eastland Church of Christ for twenty-six years.  He works extensively  in the congregation's Multi-Media Ministry.

Brother John Wayne Scott is married to Sister Sheila.   They have two children and four grandchildren.



Benjamin Roberts is married to Sister Leota and they have one son, Ben (Erica).    Benjamin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Boad Certified Professional Christian Counselor with a rich counseling background.  As a therapist, he has worked as a group home manager and clinical director at Meridian Behavioral Health Care, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida.  He counseled personality, mood and anxiety disorders; addictions; and paranoid schizophrenic clients.  He continued to expand his experiences by counseling court-ordered clients, juvenile sex offenders, and serving in the Chaplain Internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  Benjamin is co-partner of Life Coping Skills, conducting workshops/seminars for churches and businesses all over the country.  He is Executive Vice President and clinical director of Holistic Lifestyle Partners, Inc., and President/CEO of Ben Roberts Care Cneter, Inc.  Ben's expertise is sought by state and national conferences, including the 100 Black Men of America's National Conference, where for three consecutive years he was a panelist with Judge Mablean Ephriam and Dr. Brenda Wade.   Ben established himself as an educator by successfully teaching six grade problematic students in Levy County, Flordia, and he established McKnight Achievers Program.  This program identified and held award ceremonies every grading period for all A/B minority students.  Ben also served as an Instructor at Webster College in Gainesville, Florida.  His education includes Lipscomb University, Harding University Graduate School of Religion and Bethany Thelogical Seminary.  Ben is currently enrolled as a PhD student in Natural Health at Clayton College of Natural Health.  He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), American Counseling Association (ACA), American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA).