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Counseling Ministry

The purpose of the COUNSELING Ministry is to insure that the needs of the membership and any other special counseling needs as identified in our community are met.  


Under the leadership of our minister, Brother Benjamin Roberts, Jr., a board certified and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, our counseling services fills a great void in the lives of many individuals.  Our counseling ministry includes a staff combined of trained individuals who can confidentially and caringly assist individuals and/or families in times of crises using God's Word as the foundation of the direction for our lives.


Many lives have been blessed and continue to be blessed through this ministry.  It's through people we're many times broken up but it's also through people God uses we are put back together!

If you have further questions about the Counseling Ministry, feel free to contact us at 615-452-1429 and ask for Brother Ben Roberts or you can email us at info@wecofc.com and Ben will be glad to respond back to you about the exciting things going on in our efforts to meet the needs of God's people. God Bless!