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Ministries That Serve

The purposes of the ministries that are in place at the West Eastland Church of Christ are here to:

  • Glorify God
  • Bring individuals to Christ
  • Edify and encourage members in their Christian faith
  • Provide positive and social fellowship opportunities
  • Assist individuals with challenges or needs that exist in specific areas of their lives

Our basic assumption is that as created people, we are a lot more alike that we are different. With that in mind, our ministries are designed to meet targeted needs of the membership while always providing opportunities for others to participate and be a part of our fellowship.

All of our ministries operate under the oversight of the shepherds but with various individuals serving as the coordinators to insure the goals and objectives of the ministry are met. Of course no ministry is ever successful without the ongoing support and participation of the individuals who are in each respective ministry.

We encourage you to browse through our ministries and see what we have to offer. It is our prayer that you’ll come and see for yourself the exciting things going on in  Gallatin and come and experience for yourself what so many others are excited about. Our doors always swing open on welcome hinges!